Last night she wanted to sleep 'cause she felt sleepy
After hours of walking
So she landed down a tree to have a rest
Later she woke up
She was lost in a forest
In the dark
She did not remembered anything
She was deeply lost

I still remember Uma
The lost girl
In the dark
She screamed loud:
"Can anybody find me?" But nobody heared her
Oh Uma Uma Uma
She is lost
In the dark and inside

She runned everywhere
She looked somewhere
She wanted to go home
But she was lost, she losted everything
Her sixth sense hosted her

I still remember Uma
The lost teen
In the dark
She wasn't a little girl anymore

But either a woman
She was sixteen now
But she was still in the dark
Past stole her memories yeah
Oh Uma Uma Uma
Don't be afraid
Everything is gonna be Ok

One day she was running
She was tired
She only wanted to go home
Years have passed since that day
When she woke up in the dark scared
She saw a light between the dark
Uma, that teen runned into the light
She wasn't lost anymore
She past the laberinth
But now she wasn't a teen
And a girl either
Uma was a woman

I still remember Uma,
She growed up, shes now a woman
And if you don't know, I'll will tell you
Uma is me, I wrote the song
Oh Uma Uma Uma
Shes Ok
Oh Uma

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