letra de cancion de Tender Cage

Letra The Man From Earth
Tender Cage


There's a hand in every pocket
For each citizen on this world
You must not stay quiet
Scream is your duty to be told
There is only one thing
A writer can write
What is in front of his own
But when you put the truth
For everyone to see
No no nobody even wants to hear ya
Find my self a life
I could just buy
'Cause the one I got
Just give me the creeps
Oh, Lord
I'm pleading on my knees
For a brand new house
And a brand new wife
That can fullfill
My humdrum life
What have I done?
Through roads of lust
I ended up not
And get shot
Now I lost it
You lost it
"Hope can be seen
When the air is clear
As glycerine"
Fool of me
Now I lost it
You lost it
It hurts growing up
Oh, you can't change that
Even where you tall
You will fall
You will fall
I thought I wars there
But in the end
Theta unfriend me again
Fool ofi me
Now I lost it
You lost it


The Man From Earth
Indie Rock


  1. 2016 letra The Man From Earth

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